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NEW AGE G4 – a new era of multi-level skin reconstruction.

Developed by GIGI LABORATORIES experts, the G4 line marks a new era in the field of cosmeceuticals and intensive fight against the signs of aging on 4  Levels: microbiome, epidermal barrier, epidermis and dermal layer. Recovers damaged skin (sun damage, peel, etc)

Unique registered complex P.C.M – Peptides + Ceramides + Matrix.  A unique complex that works to restore and maintain the hydrolipid mantle and stimulation of the intercellular matrix.

All ingredients of the line have passed clinical and dermatological tests at the Hamilton Institute.

The latest active ingredients counteract aging factors and provide effective multi-level correction of wrinkles, as well as significantly increase skin firmness and elasticity.

Treatments are not suitable for those with active skin infections, active acne, open skin lesions, rashes, burns, spray tan, excessive scarring, immune system deficiencies.

$30060 mins

$3010-15 mins